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2019 Calendar of Events

Mar. 2: W4 Ranch Spring Production Sale, Morgan
Mar. 8: HLSS Junior Hereford/Polled Hereford Show, Houston
Mar. 9: NETHA 67th Annual Sale, Mt. Pleasant
Mar. 11: Holden Herefords Production Sale, Valier, MT
Mar. 12: Cooper Hereford Ranch Production Sale, Willow Creek, MT
Mar. 13: HLSS Hereford Steer Show, Houston
Mar. 19: Flying S Herefords 5th Annual Production Sale, Paluxy
Mar. 23: Muleshoe Ranch Production Sale, Breckenridge
Mar. 26: Harrison Cattle Co. Production Sale, Arapaho, OK
Mar. 28: Knox Bros. Angus & Hereford Bull Sale, San Saba
Mar. 29-31: TSCRA Convention, Fort Worth
Mar. 29: Copeland & Sons Production Sale, Clayton, NM
Mar. 30: Buck Cattle Co. Spring Edition Sale, Madill, OK

Apr. 6: MW Hereford Ranch 34th Annual Sale, Brownwood
Apr. 11: GKB Cattle Online Heifer Sale
Apr. 20: Stuber Ranch Production Sale, Bowman, ND
Apr. 27: Spring Hereford Collection Sale, College Station

May 4: LeForce Herefords Dispersal Sale, Pond Creek, OK
May 18: Hereford Alliance Sale, Clifton
May 20: Perez Cattle Co. Female Sale, Nara Visa, NM

June 3-4: AHA Marketing Summit, Kansas City, MO
June 12-15: TJHA-TJPHA Combined State Show, Belton
June 17-20: Texas Youth Cattle Conference, Fort Worth

July 6-13: Junior National Hereford Expo, Denver, CO

Aug. 5-7: 65th Annual Beef Cattle Short Course, College Station

Oct. 3: Dudley Bros. Production Sale, Comanche
Oct. 8: JP Family Limited Partnership Production Sale, San Angelo
Oct. 14: Indian Mound Ranch Production Sale, Canadian
Oct. 18: W4 Ranch Production Sale, Morgan
Oct. 23: THA & Red Angus Fall Classic, Buffalo
Oct. 26: South Texas Hereford Assn., Beeville
Oct. 26: American Hereford Annual Meeting, Kansas City, MO
Oct. 27: American Royal Hereford Show, Kansas City, MO

Nov. 9: Iron Lake Ranch Production Sale, Grand Saline
Nov. 13: Barber Ranch Production Sale, San Saba
Nov. 21: Largent & Sons Production Sale, Kayee, WY
Nov. 23: Perez Cattle Co. Production Sale, Navasota
Nov. 25: Oklahoma Hereford Association Sale, Marietta, OK

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