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Texas Hereford Association

The Texas Hereford Association had its beginning in a San Antonio, Texas, boot shop on November 7, 1899, and the four men who are identifiable in this painting helped make Texas Hereford history on that important day. Captain William S. (Sude) Ikard of Henrietta, the first breeder of Hereford cattle in the state of Texas, featured in the center of the painting, has just been elected to serve as the first president of the newly formed Texas Hereford Association, and he is being congratulated by Col. B. C. Rhome of Rhome. Behind these two individuals, applauding vigorously, are from left to right: B. C. Rhome Jr., also of Rhome, and J. F. Yearwood of Georgetown.

Our Vision

The Texas Hereford Association's staff, current leadership, and its members hope to revolutionize the industry by placing a Hereford bull in every pasture, and a Hereford steak on every plate across the state of Texas.

Our Mission

The Texas Hereford Association will provide the leadership to unite, foster and protect the interest of the Hereford breed; and promote fairly the production and consumption of Hereford beef universally.

Upcoming Events

Mar 6
Houston All Breed Sale
Brenham, TX
Mar 8
Holden Herefords Annual Production Sale
Valier, MT
Mar 9
Cooper Hereford Ranch Production Sale
Willow Creek, MT
Latest News...

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Perez Cattle Company Bull Sale
Feb. 23, 2021
Nara Visa, NM
Auctioneer: Dustin Layton

37 18-month-old Hereford Bulls          Avg.      $7,379
25 Yearling Hereford Bulls       Avg.      $5,500
23 18-month-old Angus Bulls Avg.      $5,445
16 Yearling Angus Bulls            Avg.      $4,094
101 Total Bulls $601,250           Avg.      $5,953


Colyer Herefords Production Sale
Bruneau, ID
February 22, 2021
Auctioneer: Butch Booker; Kyle Colyer

121 Hereford Bulls       Avg.      $7,628
71 Angus Bulls Avg.      $6,161
34 Open Hereford Heifers       Avg.      $3,463
15 Open Angus Females           Avg.      $3,647
1 Flush Avg.      $10,500
4 Pregnant Recips.       Avg.      $5,313


Hoffman Ranch Bull Sale
February 19, 2021
Thedford, NE
Auctioneer: Rick Machado; Joe Goggins; Cody Lowderman

167 Hereford bulls       $1,256,000       Avg.      $7,521
19 Females       $86,000             Avg.      $4,526


34th Annual Ft. Worth Invitational Commercial Heifer Sale
Feb. 6, 2021
Ft. Worth, TX
Auctioneer: Bruce Brooks

288 Breds         Avg.      $1,889
132 Pairs           Avg.      $2,937
81 Opens          Avg.      $1,398
501 Head          Grossed             $1,061,250       Avg.      $2,412


Upstream Herefords
Annual Production Sale
Taylor, NE
Feb. 6, 2021
Auctioneers: Lynn Weishaar; Seth Weishaar

304 Bulls           $1,541,250       Avg.      $5,070
44 Bred Heifers             $200,500           Avg.      $4,557


Messner Hereford Ranch
Annual Production Sale
Slapout, OK
Feb. 6, 2021
Auctioneer: Tommy Barnes

64 Bulls             $259,500           Avg.      $4,055
47 Females       $99,650             Avg.      $2,120


2021 STHA Spring Sale
Beeville, TX
Feb. 6, 2021
Auctioneer:  Leo Casas II

48 Hereford Bulls         Avg.      $3,428


Churchill Cattle Co.
World Class Bull Sale
January 26, 2021
Manhattan, MT
Auctioneer: Joe Goggins

83 Yearling Bulls           Avg.      $7,416
13 Fall Yearling Bulls   Avg.      $5,442
2 Two-year-old Bulls   Avg.      $8,500


Van Newkirk Herefords
Oshkosh, NE
Jan. 18, 2021
Auctioneer: Joe Goggins; Greg Goggins

205 Bulls           $1,949,750       Avg.      $9,511
265 Com. Females       $421,300           Avg.      $1,590


Hereford Night in OKC National Hereford Sale
Jan. 9, 2021
Oklahoma City, OK
Auctioneer: Joe Goggins

10.08 Bulls       $297,250           Avg.      $29,489
17 Females       $199,500           Avg.      $11,735


A Night at Remington Park Sale
Oklahoma City, OK
Jan. 8, 2021
Auctioneer: Dustin Layton

3 Bulls $150,500                         Avg.      $50,167
6 Females         $95,500                            Avg.      $15,917
50 semen lots  $26,625                            Avg.      $533

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