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Hereford Sales

Sale Results

Perez Cattle Co.
Bull Sale
Nov. 23, 2019
Navasota, TX
Auctioneer: Cody Lowderman

37 bulls $136,450 Avg. $3,687
34 Com. bred cows $41,125 Avg. $1,210

Largent and Sons
Best Way Sale
November 21, 2019
Kaycee, WY
Auctioneer: Joe Goggins

83 Two-yr. old bulls $301,750 Avg. $3636
4 bull calves $18,000 Avg. $4,500
11 Fall yrling. bulls $29,750 Avg. $2,705
98 bulls $349,500 Avg. $3,566
1 heifer prospect $4,000 Avg. $4,000

Oklahoma Hereford Association
November 18, 2019
Marietta, OK
Auctioneer: Dustin Layton; Matt Sims

46 Bulls $114,700 Avg. $2,549
22 Reg. Females $41,350 Avg. $1,880
15 Com. heifers $23,625 Avg. $1,575

Barber Ranch Annual Bull Sale
San Saba, TX
November 13, 2019
Auctioneer: Dustin Layton

Barber Ranch Lots
86 Polled/Horned Hereford bulls Avg. $6,284
9 Spring calving Hereford heifers Avg. $2,944
10 open Hereford heifers Avg. $2,275

Express Ranches Lots
46 Angus bulls Avg. $5,522

2019 P&R Herefords
4th Production Sale
November 4, 2019
Trail, OK
Auctioneer: Dustin Layton

32 bulls $115,750 Avg. $3,617
Top selling bull sold for $7,000.

Bowling Ranch
2019 Production Sale
October 29, 2019
Newkirk, OK
Auctioneer: Justin B. Stout

15 Hereford bulls Avg. $2,293
13 Red Angus bulls Avg. $3,896
5 show heifers Avg. $1,250
7 Reg. Hereford cows Avg.$2,279
10 Reg. Red Angus cows Avg. $1,830
123 com. bred heifers Avg. $1,538

2019 THA & Red Alliance
Fall Classic
Oct. 23, 2019
Buffalo, TX
Auctioneers: Justin Stout, KS; Kyle Gilchrist, IA

54 Hereford bulls $128,600 Avg. $2,382
50 females $70,600 Avg. $1,412
9 x breds $11,050 Avg. $1,227

28 Red Angus bulls $58,350 Avg. $2,084
39 Red Angus females $47,950 Avg. $1,230

Express Ranches
Hereford Event Vol. V
Oct. 20, 2019
Yukon, OK
Auctioneer: Matt Sims; Dustin Layton

73 female lots $454,300 Avg. $6,223

Top selling female sold for $42,500. Second high selling female sold for $37,500.

Buck Cattle Co.
Fall Premier Sale XXIV
October 19, 2019
Madill, OK
Auctioneer: Steve Bonham

58 Open Hereford heifers Avg. $16,530
11 Bred Hereford cows Avg. $5,586
18 Fall calving pairs Avg. $3,716

Top open female sold for $84,000. Top bred cow sold for $22,000 and top Fall calving pair sold for $5,500.

W4 Ranch Fall Production Sale
October 17, 2019
Morgan, TX
Auctioneer: Doak Lambert

112 bulls $327,200 Avg. $2,922
101 heifers $226,950 Avg. $2,247

Top selling bull sold ¾ interest for $10,000.

Case Ranch Herefords
Annual Production Sale
Oct. 14, 2019
Eldorado, TX
Auctioneer: Leo Casas

43 bulls $95,550 Avg. $2,222
19 heifers $26,275 Avg. $1,383

Top selling bull sold to $4,250.

Indian Mound Ranch
Annual Production Sale
October 7, 2019
Canadian, TX
Auctioneer: James Birdwell

47.75 bulls Avg. $4,373
25 females Avg. $2,386

Top selling bull sold 3/4 interest for $8,500.

Powell Herefords
22nd Annual Production Sale
Ft. McKavett, TX
Sale Date: October 8, 2019
Auctioneer: Jim Birdwell, Fletcher, OK

75 bulls $334,250 Avg. $4,457
98 commercial females $169,200 Avg. $1,727

Top selling bull $15,000.

Colyer Herefords
Bruneau, ID
October 5,2019

Auctioneer: C.D. Booker, Kyle Colyer, Dustin Layton

2 bulls $75,000 Avg. $37,500
47 females $609,446 Avg. $12,967
71 embryos $61,557 Avg. $867

Top selling bull, ½ int. $54,000.
Top selling female $40,000.
Mann Cattle Co. 1st Fall Production Bull Sale
October 5, 2019
Caldwell, TX

Auctioneer: Justin Stout

47 Bulls Avg. $4,319
14 Bred Heifers Avg. $2,464
9 Hereford spring pairs from Weil Cattle Co. Avg. $3,744

Top selling bull $9,000.
Top selling female consigned by Weil Cattle Co. $4,300.

Dudley Bros.
58th Annual Bull Sale
Comanche, Texas
Sale Date: October 3, 2019
Auctioneer:Leo Casas

137 Bulls    $477,650    Avg.    $3,487

Top selling bull $6,000.



Feb 19
S.A.L.E. Hereford Steer Show
San Antonio, TX
Feb 24
Colyer Herefords Production Sale
Bruneau, ID
Feb 25
Perez Cattle Co. Production Sale
Tucumcari, NM
Feb 27
Barber Ranch Spring Bull Sale
Channing, TX
Mar 3
Houston Livestock Show Combined Hereford Show
Houston, TX
Mar 4
Houston All Breed Sale
Houston, TX
Mar 7
W4 Ranch Spring Production Sale
Morgan, TX
Mar 9
Holden Herefords Annual Production Sale
Valier, MT
Mar 10
Cooper Hereford Ranch Production Sale
Willow Creek, MT
Mar 13
Junior Hereford Heifer Show
Houston, TX
Mar 14
NorthEast Texas Annual Sale
Mt. Pleasant, TX
Mar 17
Flying S Hereford Ranch Production Sale
Paluxy, TX
Mar 21
Muleshoe Annual Range Ready Bull Sale
Breckenridge, TX
Mar 24
Harrison Cattle Co. Production Sale
Arapaho, OK
Mar 26
Knox Bros. Hereford & Angus Sale
San Saba, TX
Mar 27-29
TSCRA Annual Convention
Fort Worth, TX
Mar 30
Copeland & Sons, LLC Production Sale
Clayton, NM
Apr 9
MW Hereford Ranch Production Sale
San Saba, TX
Apr 17
W4 Ranch Production Sale
Morgan, TX
Apr 18
Stuber Ranch Production Sale
Bowman, ND
May 16
Hereford Alliance Sale
Clifton, TX
Jun 10-13
TJHA-TJPHA Combined State Show
Belton, TX
July 11-18
Junior National Hereford Expo
Louisville, KY
Aug. 2-5
Beef Cattle Short Course
College Station, TX
Oct 3
Mann Cattle Co. Production Sale
Caldwell, TX
Oct 8
Dudley Bros. Bull Sale
Comanche, TX
Oct 13
Powell Herefords Production Sale
Ft. McKavett, TX
Oct 21
THA Fall Classic Sale
Buffalo, TX
Oct 31
South Texas Hereford Assn. Sale
Beeville, TX
Nov 11
Barber Ranch Production Sale
San Saba, TX
Nov 14
Iron Lake Ranch Production Sale
Grand Saline, TX
Nov 19
Largent & Sons Production Sale
Kaycee, WY

Production Catalogs

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Power House Hereford Sale
Feb 1-3, 2020

Cattle For Sale

4 Horned L1 Registered Yearling Bulls for Sale. Top Genetics. Grandsons of 5107, the top selling bull of 2016 from Holden Herefords. Also, 2 Registered first calf pairs.
Contact: Dr. Bob Faseler
Faseler Farms
Montgomery, TX 77356
3 fall yearling Reg. bulls for sale. All 78 lbs. or less birthweights.
Young registered cows for sale, bred to Reg. bull.
Contact: Matt Harris
Harris Livestock Co.
Salado, TX 76571
2, each 15-month-old bulls, 4 yearling heifers and 2 second calf cows.
Contact: Dave Atkins
Forestburg, TX 76239
6 two-year old Line One bulls for sale.
Contact: Bar J Bar Hereford Ranch
El Paso, TX 79932
Jim Darnell:
Sue Darnell:
Hereford Bulls for sale in East Texas. 45 breeding age bulls, tested, hot and ready to work! Mostly horned, but a few good polled bulls as well.
Jim G. Bell Farms
Pollok, TX 75969
 936-867-5126 (office)
 936-366-2574 (cell)
Bulls for sale.
3-B Herefords
J.H. Blankinship
Paris, TX 75460
Virgin registered horned Hereford bull for sale. Steal this bull. I need the space. 26 months old. Rated excellent on his BSE by Vet Lucas Chachere. Sired by ATLAS P10 MR IMAGE 60X. $2000.
Contact: Brand WI150 Ranch
Liberty, Texas 77575
 936-391-5991 (Kenny)
 936-391-5951 (Marcus)
4, 18-25-month-old horned Line One bulls for sale. Several will work on heifers. 3 Bred Registered heifers for fall calves.
Contact: William Brymer
Brymer Ranch
Cladwell, TX 77836  979-595-7451
8 Registered horned bulls, one to 2 years old for sale. LH Calgary and Line One bloodlines. U Bar Hereford Ranch near Lockhart, Texas.
Contact: Thomas Cardwell
Manor, TX 78653
16 fall yearling bulls; 5 spring heifer calves for sale.
Contact: Jack Chastain
Chastain Cattle Co.
Mineral Wells, TX 76067
20 Horned Hereford yearling bulls for sale.
Contact: Larry Collins
Collins Cattle Co.
Hughes Spring, TX 75656
A few breeding age bulls for sale.
Contact: Paul Funk
Spearhead Ranch
Copperas Cove, TX 76522
Whole Herd. Registered Herefords for sale.
Contact: Scott Gabriel
Sunset, Texas 76270
 940-841-1278 (call/text)
For Sale 20 Reg. Hereford Heifers, polled and horned genetics. 19 months old now will calve as 2-year-old starting Feb. 1 for 60 days, 10 head are AI bred to Sensation 0028X and 10 head are bred to a son of Sensation 0028X. Several half-sisters that are popular bloodlines. Currently at our Eastern Kansas ranch. Will deliver. Call for Pictures.

For Sale 12, 18-month-old Polled and Horned bulls. All half-brothers out of an Achiever son and high maternal cows. Also have a coming 4-year-old CRR Catapult 109/Pure Gold bull we have used, just have too many daughters now. Rocking Chair Ranch origin. Bulls located Bowie, TX.

Contact: Graves Ranches
Bowie, TX 76230
 940-841-4827 (Keith Graves)
 940-531-1851 (Kody Graves)
Hereford bulls, horned and polled, 22 to 28 months of age as of January 2018. Sired by WCC Great Divide, Perks Easy Money, Full Throttle, ECR Chosen One and NJW 73s w18 Hometown 10Y, $2500 and up.
Contact: Grubbs Cattle
Dublin, TX 76446
 817-366-6376 (Ryan)
 817-366-1426 (Bill)
18 Head of Spring 2018 Registered Hereford Bulls; 27 Head of Spring 2019 Registered Hereford Bulls; 50 Head Spring 2019 Hereford Heifers for Sale, located at Artesia, NM.
Contact: B & H Herefords
Jim Bob Burnett:
Phil Harvey, Jr.:
Consistent quality bulls available from proven P606, Logic, Online, Garrett bloodlines: 24- 2 yr. olds ready to go; 25- 14-17 month old long yearlings; 28- 8-11month old development bulls.
Contact: Dale Hester
Rockin 4H Ranch
Canton, TX 75103
10 Pair spring calves; 8 bred cows for summer calves and 5 bred heifers for fall calves.
Contact: Charles Holloway
CSH Farms
Tioga, TX 76271
7 yearling bulls for sale.
Contact: Pete Johnson
Sunny Hill Ranch
Lufkin, TX 75904
 936-465-1672 (cell)
15 registered horned Hereford bulls for sale 12-23 months old.
Contact: Cindy Pope Leaverton
Fairview Hereford Farm
Henrietta, Texas 76365
5 registered Hereford bulls for sale. Two Horned and three polled. Stout young bulls, 13 to 15 months old. Developed in large traps with limited supplementation. Also offering a select group of winter heifer calves for sale. Some are junior show prospects. They all should develop into productive cows. From a herd that has produced many successful show heifers in the past. All bulls and females are top national blood lines.
Contact: Sam Massey
Massey Hereford Ranch
Stephenville, TX 76401
3 two-year old Reg. Hereford cows, 2 with April calves at side by Hereford bull. All bred back to a Black Hereford bull.
Contact: John Matthews
Sevensix Ranches
Granbury, TX 76048
2 - 2-yr. old horned Hereford bulls and 3 - 18-month-old polled Hereford bulls for sale.
Contact: Mimms Herefords
Lorenzo, TX 79343
 806-781-3400 (Brady)
 806-778-6677 (Ryan)
 806-778-6996 (Rhett)
For Sale - 25 - 2 yr. old Bulls; 30 - Open Weaned Heifers. Straight horned, mostly line one pedigrees.
Noack Herefords
Rockdale, TX 76567
Vinnie Doehring:  417-733-3444
Shiloh Doehring:  936-827-5158
Steven Noack:  979-218-0065
Yearling and Two-year-old horned and polled Hereford Bulls, cows, pairs, show/replacement heifers for sale. Can help with delivery.
Contact: Mike Nolles
Nolles Cattle Co.
Bassett, NE 68714
Horned Hereford bulls for sale – ready for service.
Contact: Luella Pirtle
Mark P Ranch
Sunset, TX 76270
Dr. Floyd Pirtle
Lubbock, TX
Clyde Johnson, Mgr.
Horned and polled bulls for sale, ages 10 months to 2 years. In Northeast Texas, Mt. Vernon, TX.
Contact: Steven Rader
Rader Herefords
Mt. Vernon, TX 75457
10 polled Hereford bulls; 10 Angus 14-16 month old. Fertility tested. 10 horned & polled Hereford cows; most 3-4 years old, up to 7 years old. Bred to Hudgins Brahman bulls for fall calves. 10, 10-13-month-old open polled Hereford heifers for sale.
Contact: Joseph Skrivanek
Caldwell, TX 77836
Semen for sale - NJW 98S Ribeye 88X (7 Straws); HH Advance 8050 U (8 Straws); and CL 1 Domino 9126J (10 Straws).
Contact: Lee Terrell
Sherman, TX 75092
7 Horned Hereford Bulls, 22-26 months old and tested ready to go.
Contact: Wesley Theuret
Kenedy, TX 78119
20 Registered Hereford bulls, 12 to 18 months old and several Fall born show heifer prospects out of Bar SLHF 028 240.
Contact: Rick Tisdale
TT Hereford Ranch
Llano, TX 78643
25 Hereford cows w/Angus cross calves at side. Cows open. Bred Angus cross heifers. Bred to low birth weight Angus bulls to begin calving in October. Haskell County.
Contact: Cole Turner
Rochester, TX 79544
Registered Polled Bulls and Heifers. Central and East Texas. Proven bloodlines. Pictures & videos available at www.whiteheadherefords.com.
Contact: Wendee Whitehead
Whitehead Herefords
McDade & Rusk, TX
Proudly Promoting TEXAS HEREFORDS for 120 Years.